One of the developments in order to improve the quality of management of monolithic, finishing, reconstruction and restoration works by the Research and Development Center of the group of companies is a hardware and software complex, which performs digital monitoring of the concrete mixture strength gain online.
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The complex allows you to quickly adjust the schedule of works, accelerate the construction processes, including the stripping of structures. The quality is increased due to continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity characteristics of concrete during the design strength, which affects the quality of work performed.
The advantage of the technology is the use of a wide range of sensors capable of registering both temperature and temperature-humidity characteristics.
The simplicity and convenience of the technological solution makes it possible to deploy the elements of the complex at any site in a short period of time and start the registration in a few minutes. Constantly updated data bank of concrete mixes of all grades, reconstruction materials, technologies and manufacturers provides the customer with high-quality information, reduces the need for additional calibrations and laboratory tests. The system automatically informs about technological process failures according to the parameters set by the Customer. Data transmission is carried out by means of coded signals for round-the-clock monitoring of the work progress anywhere in the world.