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In today's commercial real estate market, our firm has seen continued interest in co-working, adaptive reuse and urban campuses. Changing corporate requirements combined with rising real estate asset values require owners to optimize space efficiency and amenity availability. BIM Capital works with owners using computational BIM algorithms to optimize space. We work with construction companies to coordinate the construction of megaprojects and improve tenants through virtual design and construction.
Our team has the knowledge and experience to establish a digital standard for all of your projects to ensure design and construction is optimized and prepared for emerging IoT requirements
BIM Services
Computational BIM, 4D BIM and BIM coordination. We can help owners optimize current facility plans and improve construction schedules. In one co-working space project, we reduced construction timelines by 20%. Our BIM services also limit change orders due to field issues
Virtual Reality
Complex commercial real estate projects require the coordination of multiple parties. We have a team of top-notch professionals - BIM managers, coordinators, designers, architects, planners - to ensure design consistency between the parties
Who We Work With
BIM Capital has worked with firms that either lead or seek to lead in their respective industries. Real estate developers, architecture firms, general contractors, and trade contractors have the potential to gain a strategic advantage through BIM. If your company is interested in transforming its business into one that is led by digital workflows, please contact us.