Bim Capital is a Dubai based top multidisciplinary BIM Services & BIM Project Management Services Provider in all facets of BIM in the AEC industry. We have been creating value for our clients Worldwide by delivering world-class BIM and Engineering Services Globally.
We help many AEC companies to save cost and streamline the way they work.
We have a pool of highly skilled BIM resources available in Architectural, Structural & MEP. Outsource BIM and a dedicated team can work at our premises to save cost
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What is BIM?
BIM, or building information modeling is a system in which analog information about a facility is transformed into a holistic digital model that includes both geometry and data. BIM is the foundation of any building design, construction, or operations optimization. By utilizing our BIM Consulting services, one can simulate, analyze and optimize any building related challenge.
In the building design side, the potential ranges from optimal space planning to energy model simulations. Construction optimization tends to lean towards reducing field related issues or workflow efficiency that includes offsite construction. BIM in facilities management is often viewed as the biggest opportunity because of trends such as IoT integration and offering real estate as a service.
BIM Capital can conduct
a BIM coordination or pre-coordination process for you
We provide a process that owners can rely on to help their buildings go from 3D dream to reality.
We can be your eyes and ears in the BIM model coordination process as the owner's representative. We are proactive in finding unanticipated problems and will develop a course of action with the design team, GC coordination team and subcontractors to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
We are also available to help if you are having trouble finding a company that will provide a BIM model for an unclear design feature. If one of your subcontractors does not have enough experience and knowledge, we can help you.
Contact us, we're ready to help!