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School districts, Universities, and Research Centers continue to spend Billions of dollars on capital projects. With tax payers and donors seeking accountability for the large capital spending, virtual design and construction offers an opportunity to understand where dollars are spent and enable a true digital facilities management. Through our VDC and BIM services, general contractors, stakeholders, and capital project managers can undoubtedly improve project outcomes.
Computational BIM, 4D BIM and BIM coordination. We can help you optimize rooms for contiguous requirements, minimize and improve construction schedules. On one hospital project, we used laser scanning of existing conditions to coordinate mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression systems, nurse call systems, pneumatic piping and medical gas with existing conditions, preventing disruption
BIM Services
Virtual Reality
Construction feasibility analysis and stakeholder modeling. We work with design teams and stakeholders to model nursing stations, patient rooms, corridors, and operating rooms to ensure that stakeholder input is incorporated into the final design before construction begins.
Point cloud in BIM
Worried about existing conditions? Through laser scanning and capturing existing site conditions, our firm can help minimize disruption to current operations.
Who We Work With
BIM Capital has worked with firms that either lead or seek to lead in their respective industries. Real estate developers, architecture firms, general contractors, and trade contractors have the potential to gain a strategic advantage through BIM. If your company is interested in transforming its business into one that is led by digital workflows, please contact us.