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BIM Capital provides architectural and design services. With our experience, we can support our clients with complex design or workflow automation challenges.
We have our own team of specialists - architects, designers. We provide a functional digital solution - from algorithmic geometry to automation. When BIM Capital works with a client, we start the process with a detailed understanding of the project requirements and the desired result. Our company works in state-of-the-art software, so depending on the needs of the client or the project, we tailor the tools to meet the requirements.
In addition to the architectural and structural design and BIM services we offer, we also provide our clients with leading training, allowing them to empower their internal teams to grow and develop best-in-class capabilities.
Advice on architectural concepts of residential buildings, commercial facilities, the general plan of the site and landscaping
Advice on the configuration of a building or residential building taking into account their location (economy, comfort, business and premium class)
Advice on the number of storeys, apartment types and layout
Guidance for a transport plan and assessment of the parking requirements (underground or overground)
Architectural concepts development. Design of architectural and town planning booklets and their further supervision by working groups
Work documentation
Project supervision until the issuance of a certification to the required standards
Design management