BIM Modeling
BIM modeling has revolutionized project design and construction workflows for the AEC industry. More than just 3D geometry, our BIM modeling services are a complete process for managing information that comes along with a project.
BIM’s data benefits are undeniable. Taking advantage of our high-quality BIM modeling services throughout the lifecycle of your project can improve overall building efficiency by as much as 55% and post-build performance by 35%, while dramatically reducing costs associated with wasted materials, construction inefficiencies, scheduling conflicts, and more.
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Major BIM modeling benefits include
The ability to validate building designs for cost, site feasibility, performance analysis, and to quickly correct design elements based on data analysis
Visualizing complex concepts in three dimensions
Provide a real-time analysis and updates on costs, scheduling, and project timelines
Improve project coordination and detect conflicts or clashes before they occur
Vastly improve workflows and productivity
Mitigate risks early
Ensure adherence to data standards
Manage data across the entire project lifecycle and link data to geometry
3D BIM modeling services
BIM Capital offers 3D modeling services, such as digital structural modeling services, which are an integral part of the overall BIM modeling process. While these tools have been used for decades in a variety of industries - including architectural and structural engineering - their integration into the BIM umbrella has allowed designers and project managers to harness the power of data and accelerate the entire life cycle of a building environment project.
Our team works with a wide range of platforms, from Revit BIM modeling to a variety of industry-leading 3D BIM programs that provide pre-construction project management, building operations, and digital facilities management.
· Architectural BIM Modeling
· Mechanical Duct BIM Modeling
· Mechanical Pipe BIM Modeling
· Plumbing BIM Modeling
· Fire Protection/Sprinkler BIM Modeling
· Electrical BIM Modeling
· IT BIM Modeling
· Low-Voltage BIM Modeling
· Security BIM Modeling
· Fire Alarm BIM Modeling
· Controls/BMS BIM Modeling
· Radio BIM Modeling